Wi-Fi at the Park

We have site-wide Wi-Fi provided by Moore Broadband Solutions.

There are two options:
  • A limited free service suitable for checking emails (password available at reception).
  • The Premium Service which gives you the ability to purchase super fast Wi-Fi access for up to 14 days (limited to 4 devices).

To make it easier for you, we have made it possible to sign up and receive your Premium Wi-Fi Voucher Code ahead of your holiday at the Park. It’s very simple…

How To Sign Up

Simply follow the steps below. There are various options so depending on how long you are staying, you can decide how much Wi-Fi access you require.

Scan the QR Code or click here to visit voucher.moorebroadband.comSelect which package you would like and follow the on screen instructions

How To Get Connected

When you have arrived at the Park and booked into your accommodation.

Find network Mother Ivey Premium Wi-fi and enter your voucher codeEnjoy using the Internet

Wi-Fi Price List

1 Day£7.50
2 Days£15
4 Days£25
7 Days£35
14 Days£60

Our Wi-Fi is available through a mast system for touring guests and each of our hire caravans has its very own router.

What to do if you experience any difficulties with signing up

In the event that you encounter difficulties with the payment process, please send an email to motherivey@moorebroadband.com with your name, pitch/van number, and desired voucher length.

Moore Broadband Solutions

Please be advised that Moor Broadband Solutions office hours are from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Mother Ivey's Bay Holiday Park