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Owning Your Own Holiday Home

27 June 2019:
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The questions everybody asks about owning your own holiday caravan

Buying a holiday home

Where do I start?

You can either buy a new caravan from us or a second-hand caravan from an existing owner. In both cases all payments are made to us and you should never pay anyone else directly. In addition to buying a caravan that is already sited on pitch, vacant pitches for new caravans are also occasionally available, so do please ask at reception if you are interested in vacant pitches.

More about New Caravans

We can supply most new caravans. You would receive a written quotation and the price would include delivery and siting.

What would it cost to buy a Caravan?

The current price range for brand new caravans sited on pitch is £40,000 – £115,000.

The price for an existing caravan depends on a number of points, including model, age, condition and position on the Park.

What security do I have?

We provide a written licence agreement based on model standards approved by the BH&HPA and the NCC. This agreement sets out all our obligations to each other.

 How long may I keep my caravan at Mother Ivey’s?

Caravans may remain at Mother Ivey’s until they are ten years old.

When can I use my caravan?

The Park is open from Easter (or 1st April if earlier) to the end of October.

Can I live in my caravan?

Sorry, no. Residential occupancy is expressly forbidden and all caravans must be for holiday use only.

What are the annual costs?

These are as follows:

2022 Pitch Fee £3315 inc VAT
2022 Rates Charge£380 inc VAT
2021 Water charge£310 inc VAT
2021/22 Insurance£4.90 per £1000
Gas metered

Can I sub-let my caravan?

No, sub-letting is not permitted on new purchases.

Do you have any Rules?

Yes, there is a set of Park Rules for everyone owning a caravan on the Park and a set of Bye-Laws for everyone using the Park. These are issued with the written licence agreement, and they are periodically updated.

What about Maintenance?

Although you are responsible for the maintenance of your caravan, do please ask when you need work done as we can do a lot of things in-house, or alternatively we can arrange for outside contractors.

How do I sell my Caravan?

All sales of privately owned caravans are documented by us – this includes to family and friends. You simply notify us in writing of your wish to sell and we reply with a sales report, including a recommended sale price. When we have agreed the sale terms, we market the caravan on your behalf to find a buyer. A 15% plus VAT commission charge is payable to the Park on each sale.

For further information please get in touch

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