Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park Covid-19 Update

Our ‘No Quibble’ Covid-19 Guarantee

Our ‘no quibble’ Covid-19 guarantee covers all 2021 holiday bookings, including 2021 bookings made prior to publication of this guarantee as well as all fresh bookings for 2021.

Please be reassured that the park will either fully refund or rearrange your 2021 holiday booking (that choice is yours):

  1. where your 2021 holiday booking cannot proceed as a result of either National or Tier Lockdown restrictions, including government rules that are guidance as well as rules that are law.
  2. where you or a member of the party listed on your booking has a positive Covid-19 test, although please note we will need proof of the positive Covid-19 test AND you must have notified the park as soon as reasonably possible.

Additionally, we appreciate that anxiety around Covid-19 is a massive issue too, and therefore, if you decide to cancel your 2021 holiday booking because you wish to take your own extra precautions around Covid-19, regardless of whether or not your holiday can lawfully proceed as booked, then please email urgently, because we will happily cancel your booking and release ‘your’ dates for re-booking, with the park promising to refund to you any payments we receive when ‘your’ re-booked 2021 holiday has been enjoyed by another guest.

Mother Ivey's Bay Holiday Park