Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park Covid-19 Update

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We might have had to change a few things this season and our teams might be wearing face masks and gloves but we’re still here to help you enjoy a wonderful family holiday.

Keeping everyone safe and well is our absolute number one priority and we have a rigorous plan that balances hygiene, health and happiness for our guests, team and local community.

Our check-in procedures have been streamlined to minimise the amount of person – to person contact. Car permits will be issued at our main gate from ‘Ivey’ our camper van and customers will then continue to their holiday caravan without leaving their cars. We will ensure that we have everyone’s details to help with the test and trace process if necessary.

Everyone is required to wear a face mask inside the Shop, Reception, Laundrette and WiFi Lodge and to please adhere to the social distancing guidance of 1 m+ and use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the buildings.

Your accommodation will be cleaned and sanitised to the Covid-19 ready guidelines from the government and the BH&HPA and we have registered and met the conditions for the ‘We’re Good to Go’ scheme created by Visit Britain. All staff will wear appropriate PPE and we have added an extra hour to our meticulous cleaning schedule to ensure each caravan is appropriately sanitised.

Our touring fields are open. Our toilet blocks, washing up areas and sluices will also be cleaned and sanitised according to the COVID-19 ready guidelines and ‘We’re Good To Go’ scheme.

As part of the Government announcement on 17th September 2020, we will be legally required to collect contact details from all visitors to Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park. To assist the NHS with their Test & Trace programme we will be displaying our own unique QR code that you will scan and check-in though the NHS app.

The Government has introduced a three tiered system with increasing restrictions depending on the designated alert level, please check your locality’s Covid-19 classification and contact us immediately if you are not able to travel.

We hope our plan will give you the confidence to holiday knowing we are doing everything possible to keep you as safe as we can.

The Team at Mother Ivey’s Bay

Mother Ivey's Bay Holiday Park

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